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13-03-2013 | Psychology | Article

Verbal short-term memory impaired in children with cochlear implants

Children with cochlear implants have reduced verbal short-term memory and working memory, which affects some speech and language outcomes, a longitudinal study shows.

11-03-2013 | Surgery | Article

NSAIDs valid for pain relief in pediatric tonsillectomy

The use of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs can be regarded as a valid method of pain relief for children undergoing tonsillectomy, say Canadian researchers.

06-03-2013 | Speech-language pathology | Article

Cochlear implants improve speech perception in early bilateral SNHL

Cochlear implant surgery in children with an early diagnosis of bilateral sensorineural hearing loss results in significant progressive improvements in speech perception and intelligibility, suggest study findings.

04-03-2013 | Surgery | Article

Obesity may alter sleep apnea treatment outcome

Obesity may be a factor in determining the success or failure of treatment in patients with obstructive sleep apnea, report researchers.

03-03-2013 | Neurology | Article

Even mild sports-related head impacts can affect cognition

Results from a small study suggest that even a sport-related head impact that does not cause obvious injury, such as “heading” a ball in football or soccer, may result in impaired cognition.

28-02-2013 | Genetics | Article

Kallikrein gene variants modulate OSCC development

Polymorphisms in the kallikrein7 and kallikrein10 genes are associated with the development and progression of oral squamous cell carcinoma, a study in Taiwanese men indicates.

27-02-2013 | Neurology | Article

Orofacial treatment beneficial for headache plus temporomandibular disorder

Patients with features of cervicogenic headache who also show signs of temporomandibular disorder may benefit from receiving orofacial treatment in addition to usual cervical manual therapy care, say researchers in Manual Therapy.

25-02-2013 | Internal medicine | Article

Radial forearm free flap shows worth in mandibular reconstruction

The osteocutaneous radial forearm free flap should be used for mandibular reconstruction because of the low rate of long-term donor and recipient site complications, particularly with prophylactic plating of the donor radius, say US scientists.

25-02-2013 | Genetics | Article

Mutation in LINC protein underlies hereditary hearing loss

A gene not previously linked with hearing loss has been shown to be associated with hereditary deafness in two families.

20-02-2013 | Surgery | Article

Magnetic sphincter device gets a hold on GERD

A magnetic device that fits around the esophageal sphincter holds promise for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease, show long-term study results published in the

New England Journal of Medicine


20-02-2013 | Otolaryngology | Article

Light-guided technique helps novice laryngoscopists become pros

Retrograde light-guided laryngoscopy is an effective alternative to conventional direct laryngoscopy for tracheal intubation and may also improve the success rates of novice laryngoscopists, suggest study findings.

18-02-2013 | Otolaryngology | Article

Further hearing screens may be required for infants

Some infants go on to develop sensorineural hearing loss despite having passed the universal newborn hearing screen, show study findings.

17-02-2013 | Immunology | Article

Eosinophilic inflammation of the esophagus relieved by diet

A diet that eliminates six food types has proved effective at inducing remission of eosinophilic esophagitis in adults, report researchers.

11-02-2013 | Surgery | Article

Growth factor aids mandible reconstruction

Surgeons have used recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 to successfully restore mandibulectomy defects with few adverse effects.

11-02-2013 | Internal medicine | Article

Intratympanic versus systemic steroid improves sudden hearing loss

Intratympanic treatment with the steroid dexamethasone should be considered as a salvage therapy for patients who have not responded to systemic treatment for sudden sensorineural hearing loss, suggest study findings.

04-02-2013 | Oncology | Article

Subclinical hypothyroidism not prognostic in thyroid carcinoma

Subclinical hypothyroidism is not an independent predictor for clinical outcomes in patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma, research shows.

30-01-2013 | Gastroenterology | Article

Waist size trumps BMI as Barrett’s esophagus risk factor

Researchers have found that waist circumference independently predicts the risk for Barrett’s esophagus, leading them to dismiss a previously reported association between body mass index and the disease.

28-01-2013 | Psychology | Article

Cognitive decline in elderly more likely with poor hearing

Older adults with hearing loss may be at an increased risk for cognitive decline and cognitive impairment, report researchers.

28-01-2013 | Immunology | Article

Dectin-1 potential target for nasal polyposis

The transmembrane protein Dectin-1 appears to play a role in the pathogenesis of nasal polyposis, providing a potential new target for treating the condition, report Chinese researchers.

21-01-2013 | Otolaryngology | Article

Eardrum crust aids perforation healing if timing is right

How and when “crust” forms at the margin of a tympanic membrane perforation may serve as a predictor for healing outcome, research suggests.