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Breast cancer

15-08-2017 | Breast cancer | News | Article

Partial-breast radiotherapy maintains tumor control, reduces late toxicity

Partial-breast and reduced-dose radiotherapy are noninferior to the whole-breast equivalent for the prevention of local relapse in women with early breast cancer, UK IMPORT LOW trial data show.


Lancet 2017; Advance online publication

09-08-2017 | Breast cancer | News | Article

Full breast cancer screening may benefit Ashkenazi Jewish women

Ashkenazi Jewish women with breast cancer may benefit from comprehensive genetic screening for all breast cancer genes, not just founder mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2, US researchers report.


JAMA Oncol 2017; Advance online publication

31-07-2017 | Breast cancer | News | Article

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Long-term data confirm exemestane benefits in postmenopausal breast cancer

Long-term follow-up data from the TEAM trial confirm the suitability of exemestane both as a monotherapy and sequentially after tamoxifen for the treatment of postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive early breast cancer.


Lancet Oncol 2017; Advance online publication

24-07-2017 | Breast cancer | News | Article


Extended neratinib adjuvant therapy approved for HER2-positive breast cancer

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19-07-2017 | Breast cancer | News | Article

Genetic test identifies ultralow-risk breast cancers

The 70-gene MammaPrint assay can identify women who have an ultralow risk for death from breast cancer in the long term, potentially allowing their physicians to choose less aggressive treatment, say researchers.


JAMA Oncol 2017; Advance online publication

14-07-2017 | Oncology | Main feed | News


Tivozanib, ribociclib EMA authorizations extend oncology armamentarium

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