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14-12-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Support for abatacept–methotrexate combination therapy in RA patients

Adding abatacept to methotrexate improves disease activity and reduces structural progression among ACPA-positive rheumatoid arthritis patients with early erosion, Japanese researchers report.


RMD Open 2018; 4: e000813

13-12-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Mortality predictors identified in patients with giant cell arteritis

Patients with large vessel involvement when diagnosed with biopsy-confirmed giant cell arteritis have a substantially increased risk of death relative to patients with no large vessel involvement, Italian researchers report.


Rheumatology 2018; doi:10.1093/rheumatology/key325

12-12-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Hepatotoxicity reassurance for febuxostat-treated patients with gout and fatty liver disease

Results of an observational study provide preliminary evidence suggesting that patients with gout and fatty liver disease who are treated with febuxostat do not have an elevated risk for hepatotoxicity.


J Rheumatol 2018; doi:10.3899/jrheum.180761

10-12-2018 | Rheumatology | Highlight | Article

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ACR/NPF guidelines for the treatment of PsA published

The American College of Rheumatology and the National Psoriasis Foundation have issued evidence-based guidelines for the pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatment of active psoriatic arthritis.


Arthritis Rheumatol 2018; doi:10.1002/art.40726
Arthritis Care Res 2018; doi:10.1002/acr.23789
J Psoriasis Psoriatic Arthritis 2018; doi:10.1177/2475530318812244

06-12-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Rituximab may delay RA onset in at-risk individuals

Findings from the PRAIRI trial suggest that a single infusion of the B-cell directed agent rituximab could delay the development of rheumatoid arthritis among individuals positive for anti-citrullinated peptide antibodies and rheumatoid factor.


Ann Rheum Dis 2018; doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2017-212763

04-12-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Elevated CRP levels may point to better secukinumab response in AS patients

Ankylosing spondylitis patients with elevated C-reactive protein levels may experience greater benefits from treatment with the interleukin-17A inhibitor secukinumab than those with lower levels of the inflammatory marker, researchers report.


RMD Open 2018; 4: e000749

30-11-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Biomarker score reflects rituximab response in RA patients

Changes in the multi-biomarker disease activity score could be used to track response to rituximab treatment in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, researchers report.


Arthritis Res Ther 2018; 20: 256

29-11-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

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Chronic opioid use continues to increase in people with RA

The annual prevalence of chronic opioid use among people with rheumatoid arthritis more than doubled between 2002 and 2015, with severe pain and antidepressant use the strongest predictors for initiating opioids, US researchers report.


Arthritis Rheum 2018; doi:10.1002/art.40789

28-11-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Equivalence of GP2015, etanercept demonstrated

Findings from the EQUIRA trial suggest that the etanercept biosimilar GP2015 has similar efficacy and safety profiles to its reference product.

27-11-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

News in brief

Lasting benefits of sirukumab demonstrated in RA patients

Follow-up results from the SIRROUND-D trial indicate that patients with rheumatoid arthritis refractory to DMARDs who are treated with sirukumab experience sustained improvements in clinical outcomes for up to 2 years.

26-11-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Disease subtype, treatment choice may impact infection risk in JIA patients

Among biologic-treated patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, infection risk may differ according to disease subtype and the biologic agent used, researchers report.


Clin Rheumatol 2018; doi:10.1007/s10067-018-4367-9

22-11-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

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Interdisciplinary intervention improves hand grip strength in OA patients

A single-session nonpharmacologic intervention delivered by rheumatology-trained healthcare professionals from different disciplines improves grip strength among patients with hand osteoarthritis, randomized trial findings suggest.


Arthritis Res Ther 2018; 20: 253

22-11-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Support for lymphocyte count monitoring to assess infection risk in tofacitinib-treated RA patients

Absolute lymphocyte counts can provide guidance on serious infection risk among patients with rheumatoid arthritis who are undergoing tofacitinib treatment, say researchers.


Arthritis Rheumatol 2018; doi:10.1002/art.40780

20-11-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Knee pain predicts OA progression

Findings from the Osteoarthritis Initiative suggest that knee pain is associated with accelerated cartilage volume loss and progression of osteoarthritis.


Arthritis Res Ther 2018; 20: 250

19-11-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Autoantibody positivity linked to favorable treatment outcomes in RA patients

Among patients with rheumatoid arthritis, a combination of anticitrullinated protein antibody and rheumatoid factor positivity is associated with faster treatment response and a greater likelihood of achieving remission, researchers report.


RMD Open 2018; 4: e000738

15-11-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Intravenous, subcutaneous forms of tocilizumab similarly effective in RA patients

Real-world study results suggest that the subcutaneous and intravenous forms of tocilizumab are associated with similar effectiveness among patients with rheumatoid arthritis.


RMD Open 2018; 4: e000809

15-11-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

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No worsening in disease activity with switch to biosimilar etanercept

Disease activity does not change following the switch from etanercept to the biosimilar formulation SB4, and treatment retention rates may be determined by patient-specific factors, suggests an analysis of the DANBIO registry.


Ann Rheum Dis 2018; doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2018-213474

13-11-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

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Golimumab may reduce uveitis risk in patients with ankylosing spondylitis

Findings from the real-world GO-EASY study suggest that treatment with the tumor necrosis factor inhibitor golimumab is associated with a significant reduction in the risk for acute anterior uveitis among patients with ankylosing spondylitis.


J Rheumatol 2018; doi:10.3899/jrheum.180312

12-11-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

News in brief

Further support for 3-month assessment to guide DMARD adjustment in RA patients

Measuring disease activity at 3 months can help predict DMARD response at 6 months in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, researchers report.

09-11-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

News in brief

Activity tracking ‘feasible’ for adolescents with JIA

Findings from a pilot study indicate that activity tracking using a wrist-worn device is a feasible approach for promoting physical activity in adolescent patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis

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