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Psychotic disorders

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30-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

CET ‘feasible’ in schizophrenia patients with substance misuse

Patients with schizophrenia and comorbid substance abuse diagnoses are able to benefit from cognitive enhancement therapy, preliminary research suggests.

23-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

Longitudinal course of schizophrenia negative symptoms revealed

Schizophrenia negative symptoms are relatively stable in the first year for most patients after they begin antipsychotic medication but research suggests around a quarter will experience exacerbation or relapse.

17-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

Social environment not linked to UHR psychosis transition

Research indicates that social deprivation and migrant status do not influence the risk of transition to psychosis in ultra-high-risk individuals.

16-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

Antipsychotic polypharmacy prevalent despite efficacy doubts

Results of a retrospective study suggest that around a quarter of patients with schizophrenia receive antipsychotic polypharmacy, despite a lack of evidence for the approach.

10-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

Psychotic experiences show shared genetic liability

Study findings provide support for psychotic experiences being an early marker of increased risk of psychosis transition and an important intermediary phenotype in transdiagnostic research on psychosis.

09-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

Cerebellar cortical volume reduction specific to schizophrenia

Reduced cerebellar cortical volume occurs only in patients with schizophrenia, rather than all those with psychosis, say researchers.

03-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

Excess mortality in schizophrenia ‘not attributable to antipsychotics’

The relationship between antipsychotic use and mortality in people with schizophrenia shows a clear U-shape curve, with the highest risk of death seen in those with no antipsychotic exposure, a Swedish cohort study has found.

02-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

IQ linked to schizophrenia risk

The risk for developing schizophrenia is significantly affected by an individual’s IQ, show results of a study of over 1 million Swedish men.

26-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Psychopathology persists in ultra-high-risk psychosis patients

Patients at ultra-high-risk for psychosis frequently have nonpsychotic disorders and often continue to experience attenuated psychotic symptoms, even if they do not transition to clinical psychosis, a study shows.

25-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Early intervention benefits may not stay the course in psychosis

Most of the benefits of a specialised early intervention for psychosis have disappeared by 8 years after its completion, shows follow-up of the OPUS trial.

19-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Successful antipsychotic treatment may alter striatal connectivity

Connectivity within the striatum changes as psychotic symptoms improve in patients treated with second-generation antipsychotics, a study shows.

18-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Omega-3 benefits may be sustained in early psychosis

The positive effects of omega-3 supplementation seen in patients at high risk of psychosis in a previous randomised, controlled trial may be sustained, the investigators reported at the International Early Psychosis Conference in Tokyo, Japan.

12-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Suicidal ideation link to suicide strong in schizophrenia spectrum disorders

The association between suicidal ideation and later suicide is much stronger in patients with schizophrenia spectrum psychosis than in those with mood disorders, show results of a systematic meta-analysis.

11-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Schizophrenia symptom severity predicts atypical antipsychotic benefit

Atypical antipsychotic drugs benefit patients with acute schizophrenia across the full spectrum of symptom severity, as well as highly symptomatic patients with predominantly negative symptoms, suggests a meta-analysis published in JAMA Psychiatry.

05-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Cue processing altered in siblings of schizophrenia patients

The siblings of patients with schizophrenia have altered activity in the ventral striatum during reward anticipation and receipt, a study shows.

04-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Mortality gap persists for elderly men with severe mental disorders

The excess mortality experienced by men with severe mental disorders, compared with their mentally healthy peers, does not decrease with age, Australian research shows.

29-10-2014 | Mental health | Article

Accumulated environmental risks have substantial impact on schizophrenia

Accumulation of environmental risk factors has a “huge” effect on age at schizophrenia onset, German researchers report.

28-10-2014 | Mental health | Article

Paternal age increases schizophrenia risk independently of IQ

Being born to an older father increases the risk of developing a schizophrenia spectrum disorder in adulthood but has no effect on premorbid IQ, say researchers from Denmark.

22-10-2014 | Mental health | Article

Physical health management below par in schizophrenia patients

The diagnosis and treatment of physical ailments in patients with schizophrenia falls below acceptable standards, shows a national audit of patients in England and Wales.

21-10-2014 | Mental health | Article

Genetics underpin bullying victimisation influence on paranoia

Bullying victimisation in childhood may indicate genetic risk for later psychosis, rather than being an environmental trigger, say UK researchers.