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15-05-2019 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Pooled analysis demonstrates favorable long-term safety profile of secukinumab

Analysis of data from 21 randomized controlled trials indicates that the interleukin-17A inhibitor secukinumab has a favorable long-term safety profile among patients with psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, or psoriasis.

29-04-2019 | Rheumatology | News | Article

FDA approves etanercept biosimilar

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27-12-2012 | Immunology | Article

Rhinosinusitis without nasal polyps ‘predisposes to psoriasis’

People who suffer from chronic rhinosinusitis without nasal polyps have around twice the risk for psoriasis as the general population, a Taiwanese study has found.

18-10-2012 | Immunology | Article

Psoriasis patients have high diabetes risk

People with psoriasis have an increased risk for developing Type 2 diabetes compared with people without the skin condition, suggest results from a systematic review and meta-analysis published in the Archives of Dermatology.

30-08-2012 | Cardiology | Article

TNF inhibitors best cardiac option for psoriasis patients

Use of tumor necrosis factor inhibitors is associated with a significantly reduced risk for myocardial infarction in psoriasis patients compared with use of other medications, report researchers.

05-07-2012 | Gastroenterology | Article

Herpes zoster vaccine recommendations questioned in patients on biologics

Administration of the live attenuated herpes zoster vaccine is not associated with an increased risk for shingles shortly after vaccination in patients receiving biologic treatments for immune-mediated diseases, researchers report in



21-06-2012 | Immunology | Article

Patients with psoriasis at increased risk for developing diabetes

Study findings suggest that psoriasis is an independent risk factor for the development of Type 2 diabetes.

14-06-2012 | Psoriasis | Article

Psoriasis TNF-α therapeutic effects mediated by MSC antioxidant reduction

The therapeutic effects of tumor necrosis factor-α inhibitors in psoriasis occur through a reduction in the antioxidant response of mesenchymal stem cells, suggest study findings.

07-06-2012 | Psoriasis | Article

Psoriasis link with autoimmune diseases underscored

Patients with psoriasis are nearly twice as likely to have an autoimmune disease as individuals without the condition, suggest study findings.

31-05-2012 | Psoriasis | Article

Psoriasis linked to sexual dysfunction in men

Men with psoriasis are at an increased risk for sexual dysfunction, research suggests.

24-05-2012 | Sports medicine | Article

Intensive exercise answer to psoriasis prevention

Vigorous physical activity may reduce a person’s risk for developing psoriasis, show results from a US study.

17-05-2012 | Psoriasis | Article

No increased viral infection risk in psoriasis patients

Research suggests that psoriasis does not appear to increase the risk for hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV infection.

10-05-2012 | Infectious disease | Article

Possible link between Chlamydophila psittaci infection and psoriasis uncovered

Subclinical infection with

Chlamydophila psittaci

may increase a person’s risk for psoriasis, say researchers.

03-05-2012 | Psoriasis | Article

Artificial ‘dead sea climatotherapy’ effective for treating psoriasis

An artificial version of dead sea climatotherapy is effective for improving symptoms of patients with psoriasis, show study results.

26-04-2012 | Psoriasis | Article

Ustekinumab well tolerated, effective in PHOENIX 1

Extended results from the PHOENIX 1 study suggest that ustekinumab is an effective and well-tolerated therapy for moderate-to-severe psoriasis for up to 3 years.

19-04-2012 | Psoriasis | Article

CARD14 gene gene mutations linked to psoriasis

Mutations in the caspase recruitment domain 14 gene are associated with plaque and pustular psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, show findings from two studies published in the

American Journal of Human Genetics


12-04-2012 | Psoriasis | Article

Bariatric surgery improves symptoms of psoriasis

Bariatric surgery for obesity has beneficial effects on psoriatic symptoms, show study results.

12-04-2012 | Immunology | Article

Mechanisms for beneficial effect of etanercept on psoriasis unraveled

Study findings suggest that etanercept, an anti-tumor necrosis factor-α therapy, exerts its effect through targeting epidermal activation, mainly through suppression of the interleukin-20 subfamily.

09-04-2012 | Immunology | Article

Weight loss alone not sufficient to maintain psoriasis remission

Weight loss alone is not sufficient for maintenance of moderate-to-severe psoriasis in obese individuals, suggest study results.

22-03-2012 | Psoriasis | Article

No link between coffee intake and psoriasis

Research shows that there is no link between coffee or caffeine intake and risk for psoriasis.