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20-08-2013 | Cardiology | Article

Milestone for ischemic preconditioning

A randomized, controlled trial provides the first strong evidence that remote ischemic preconditioning can reduce mortality among patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

24-04-2013 | Anaesthesiology | Article

Protective ventilation strategy offers post-op lung benefits

Patients who receive a lung-protective ventilation strategy during abdominal surgery benefit from better respiratory function and fewer signs of infection afterward, a study finds.

17-04-2013 | Surgery | Article

Simple assessment predicts need for reintubation

A simple scoring system allows anesthesiologists to reliably predict severe postoperative respiratory complications, researchers report in Anesthesiology.

10-04-2013 | Anaesthesiology | Article

Genotoxic properties of nitrous oxide revealed yet again

Nitrous oxide administered to adult patients undergoing major elective open colorectal surgery is associated with DNA damage in peripheral leukocytes, a study finds

04-04-2013 | Anaesthesiology | Article

Ultrasound enables fuss-free lumbar puncture

Use of ultrasound imaging helps to minimize adjustments, failures, and trauma during lumbar puncture or epidural catheterization, conclude the authors of a systematic review and meta-analysis.

21-03-2013 | Surgery | Article

Awareness during general anesthesia ‘may be underestimated’

There is a low rate of accidental awareness during general anesthesia in the UK, survey results show.

14-03-2013 | Gastroenterology | Article

Colonoscopy may be more risky under anesthesia

The risk for aspiration and other complications related to colonoscopy may be increased if the procedure is performed under propofol-induced deep sedation, US study findings suggest.

06-03-2013 | Surgery | Article

EEG patterns track propofol effects

Researchers have identified electroencephalogram signatures of changes in consciousness caused by propofol.

04-03-2013 | Anaesthesiology | Article

Heed the fire triangle for safe electrocautery

Most fires in the operating room are caused by electrocautery, according to a US review of surgical malpractice claims.

28-02-2013 | Anaesthesiology | Article

Epidural pain relief best after open colorectal surgery

Epidural analgesia provides more pain relief than continuous wound filtration with local anesthetic in patients undergoing fast-track open colorectal surgery, research shows.

20-02-2013 | Otolaryngology | Article

Light-guided technique helps novice laryngoscopists become pros

Retrograde light-guided laryngoscopy is an effective alternative to conventional direct laryngoscopy for tracheal intubation and may also improve the success rates of novice laryngoscopists, suggest study findings.

14-02-2013 | Surgery | Article

Surprises found in postoperative pain rankings

Patients report “unexpectedly high” levels of pain after some relatively minor surgical procedures, including some laparoscopic procedures, say researchers.

30-01-2013 | Anaesthesiology | Article

Bispectral index benefits for postoperative recovery unclear

A secondary analysis of two large clinical trials fails to settle the question of whether use of the bispectral index rather than end-tidal anesthetic concentration to monitor general anesthesia results in faster patient recovery.

24-01-2013 | Surgery | Article

Conscious sedation potential for intracranial aneurysm intervention

Coil embolization of ruptured intracranial aneurysms can be performed using conscious sedation and local anesthesia, report clinicians.

22-01-2013 | Gynaecology | Article

‘Imperfect’ test for misplaced epidural catheter studied

A reduced dose of lidocaine may have advantages over a standard dose for detecting inadvertent intrathecal catheter placement during epidural anesthesia, but neither is wholly reliable, say researchers.

16-01-2013 | Cardiology | Article

Prevention opportunity for postoperative cardiac arrest

Postoperative complications occur in more than three-quarters of patients who have a cardiac arrest, shows research that suggests an opportunity for intervention.

15-01-2013 | Anaesthesiology | Article

Acetaminophen may improve postoperative outcomes

Prophylactically administered intravenous acetaminophen could reduce postoperative nausea and vomiting, research suggests.

08-01-2013 | Anaesthesiology | Article

Competing anesthesiology demands cause missed signals

Competing visual demands and high background noise increase the risk for anesthesiologists missing pulse oximeter pitch changes, shows research.

01-01-2013 | Surgery | Article

Fibrinogen could bypass intraoperative transfusion needs

Giving fibrinogen as first-line treatment for intraoperative bleeding could reduce the need for blood transfusion, shows a small randomized controlled trial.

27-12-2012 | Surgery | Article

Anesthesia choice may benefit knee arthroplasty patients

Spinal anesthesia could reduce the risk for postoperative complications in select patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty, US researchers say.