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03-06-2017 | Oncology | Conference report | Article

Managing the psychological aspects of cancer

In this report from the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology we focus on three studies that evaluated interventions to help patients and their families manage the psychological toll of cancer through the disease continuum.

21-08-2015 | Neurology | News | Article

Psychiatric disorders may follow trigeminal neuralgia

Patients with trigeminal neuralgia have an increased risk of later developing certain psychiatric disorders, a population-based study suggests.

23-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

Comorbid OCD not uncommon in bipolar disorder

Co-occurrence of obsessive compulsive disorder in patients with bipolar disorder type I is not uncommon and is associated with increased functional disability, research findings indicate.

17-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

Multifaceted intervention helps bipolar disorder patients lose weight

An Integrated Risk Reduction Intervention can help overweight and obese patients with bipolar disorder to reduce their body mass index, US researchers report.

16-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

Bipolar brain changes both state- and trait-dependent

Some of the alterations in brain activation in patients with bipolar disorder are dependent on their current mood, study findings show.

16-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

Psychiatric comorbidities predict bipolar disorder in ADHD children

Children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder who also have conduct disorder/oppositional defiant disorder or anxiety disorder are at an increased risk of developing bipolar disorder, research shows.

10-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

Non-use of bipolar medication typically follows careful ‘risk–benefit’ evaluation

An investigation into why and how patients with bipolar disorder manage their moods without medication has found that most individuals are initially motivated by concerns about side effects.

09-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

ECT improves general neurocognitive function in bipolar patients

A randomised trial shows that electroconvulsive therapy improves overall neurocognition in patients with treatment-resistant bipolar depression.

03-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

Quitting cannabis use during manic episodes improves outcomes

A post-hoc analysis of data from a prospective European study reveals that patients with bipolar disorder who stop using cannabis during a manic or mixed episode have similar clinical and functional outcomes to those who have never used the drug.

02-12-2014 | Mental health | Article

Depressive episodes hard to treat in continuous cycling bipolar disorder

Patients with bipolar disorder who switch directly between mania and depression without a period of euthymia have a poor response to short-term antidepressant treatment, study findings indicate.

26-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Perfectionism drives depression in bipolar/anxiety comorbidity

People with comorbid bipolar spectrum disorders and anxiety tend to display higher levels of depressive symptoms than their counterparts with BSD alone, say researchers.

25-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Lithium therapy duration not linked to thyroid effects

The risk of altered thyroid function does not increase with duration of lithium treatment in patients with bipolar disorder, research suggests.

19-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Childhood affective features may guide adult psychiatric diagnosis

Clinical features that can appear many years ahead of a psychiatric diagnosis may help doctors to predict whether patients will develop bipolar disorder or unipolar depression, say researchers.

18-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Strict monitoring of lithium levels urged

Plasma levels of lithium above the advised range are associated with a transient reduction in kidney function, research shows.

12-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Suicidal ideation link to suicide strong in schizophrenia spectrum disorders

The association between suicidal ideation and later suicide is much stronger in patients with schizophrenia spectrum psychosis than in those with mood disorders, show results of a systematic meta-analysis.

12-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Bipolar mixed episodes increase significantly under DSM-5

Using the most recent diagnostic criteria increases the prevalence of mixed features in patients with bipolar disorder more than threefold, study findings indicate.

11-11-2014 | Cardiology | Article

Metabolic syndrome screening in bipolar disorder warranted

The frequency of the metabolic syndrome in patients with bipolar disorder warrants systematic screening, say researchers, particularly among men, older patients and those receiving atypical antipsychotic treatment.

05-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Low subjective social status linked to mental disorder risk

Researchers report an inverse association between people’s subjective social status (SSS) and the likelihood of them having a psychiatric disorder.

04-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Medical illness common in bipolar disorder

Patients with bipolar disorder have high rates of medical illness, which often exceeds the levels observed in patients with unipolar depression, show results of a UK-based study.

04-11-2014 | Mental health | Article

Mortality gap persists for elderly men with severe mental disorders

The excess mortality experienced by men with severe mental disorders, compared with their mentally healthy peers, does not decrease with age, Australian research shows.