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Kidney cancer

21-09-2017 | Oncology | News | Article


Bevacizumab biosimilar approved in USA

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15-09-2017 | Kidney cancer | News | Article

ESMO 2017

Nivolumab–ipilimumab duo ‘a new standard of care’ in first-line advanced RCC

Phase III trial results presented at the ESMO 2017 Congress support the use of nivolumab plus ipilimumab for the first-line treatment of patients with advanced or metastatic clear-cell renal cell carcinoma.

14-07-2017 | Oncology | Main feed | News


Tivozanib, ribociclib EMA authorizations extend oncology armamentarium

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13-07-2017 | Kidney cancer | News | Article

Savolitinib has potential in MET-driven papillary RCC

Savolitinib, a highly selective MET tyrosine kinase inhibitor, shows activity in patients with MET-driven advanced papillary renal cell carcinoma, researchers report.


J Clin Oncol 2017; Advance online publication

28-06-2017 | Kidney cancer | Conference report | Article

ASCO 2017

Combining checkpoint blockade with targeted therapy in first-line advanced RCC

This report provides an overview of three studies investigating the combination of immunotherapy with targeted agents in treatment-naïve patients with locally advanced or metastatic renal cell carcinoma.


J Clin Oncol 2017; 35: 4504, 4505, 4506

16-03-2017 | Kidney cancer | News | Article

High-risk clear cell RCC survival not ASSUREd with sunitinib, sorafenib

Adjuvant treatment with sunitinib or sorafenib does not prolong disease-free survival or overall survival in clear cell renal cell carcinoma patients classed as high risk, shows a post hoc analysis of the placebo-controlled ASSURE trial.


JAMA Oncol 2017; Advance online publication

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