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25-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

Ethnicity, obesity linked to risk for early-onset type 2 diabetes

The development of type 2 diabetes at a young age disproportionately affects people of South Asian and African–Caribbean ethnicity, and obesity is associated with early-onset diabetes in all ethnic groups, indicates research presented at the virtual 56th EASD Annual Meeting.

25-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

Fully closed-loop insulin delivery edges closer with pramlintide–faster aspart system

A fully automated dual-hormone delivery system with pramlintide and faster-acting insulin aspart delivers overall glycemic control that is nearly as good as that achieved with a hybrid closed-loop system with the insulin only, report researchers at the virtual 56th EASD Annual Meeting.

25-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

Intermittent very-low-calorie diet could be easier to stomach for people with diabetes

The pilot MIDDAS study suggests that a 2-day per week very-low-calorie diet could be a viable alternative to a continuous diet for people with type 2 diabetes who struggle with this approach.

25-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

​​​​​​​Spinal cord stimulation may be beneficial for painful diabetic neuropathy

Randomized trial findings presented at the virtual 56th EASD Annual Meeting suggest that spinal cord stimulation may provide pain relief for people with painful diabetic neuropathy and an inadequate response to conventional treatment.

24-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

Western culture erases protective immigrant effects in type 2 diabetes

New immigrants to a Western country have an initially reduced risk for mortality if they are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but this survival advantage is reversed across generations of exposure to the local culture, researchers report.

24-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

GLIMLINA: Glimepiride–linagliptin combination shows potential for HNF1A-MODY

Adding linagliptin to glimepiride treatment reduces some measures of glycemic variability and improves glycemic control in patients with HNF1A-MODY, indicate findings from the GLIMLINA trial.

24-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

​​​​​​​‘Inappropriate’ glucagon secretions linked to postprandial glucose excursions in type 1 diabetes

Early-phase hyperglucagonemia in response to ingesting a meal is associated with postprandial glucose excursions in patients with type 1 diabetes, research suggests.

24-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

Study demonstrates sustained safety of intraperitoneal insulin infusion

Researchers have demonstrated a sustained safety profile for intraperitoneal insulin infusion with an implantable pump in patients with type 1 diabetes and initially high glucose variability.

24-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

Further VERTIS-CV analysis supports ertugliflozin renal benefits

The VERTIS-CV investigators have presented further kidney outcomes data, supporting the renoprotective effects of the SGLT2 inhibitor medication class.

23-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

LIBERATES: Hypoglycemia reduction with post-ACS flash monitoring in type 2 diabetes

The results of the phase 2 LIBERATES trial suggest that flash glucose monitoring could reduce the time people with type 2 diabetes spend in hypoglycemia in the period following an acute coronary syndrome.

23-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

Type 2 diabetes screening underperformed in women with gestational diabetes

Less than half of women with gestational diabetes undergo a guideline-recommended test for type 2 diabetes within 12 weeks of delivery, show results presented in a poster at the virtual 56th EASD Annual Meeting.

23-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

Polypharmacy linked to adverse outcomes in people with type 1 diabetes

Study findings presented at the virtual 56th EASD Annual Meeting indicate that polypharmacy is common among people with type 1 diabetes and is associated with an increased risk for adverse outcomes.

23-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

Novel oral insulin shows promise for type 2 diabetes

The novel oral insulin ORMD-0801 warrants further investigation as a treatment option for patients with inadequately controlled type 2 diabetes, indicate findings from a phase 2b trial presented at the virtual 56th EASD Annual Meeting.

23-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

Non-invasive technique detects residual beta cells in longstanding diabetes

A non-invasive imaging technique could make it possible to determine if people with longstanding type 1 diabetes have residual beta cells, researchers have reported at the virtual 56th EASD Annual Meeting.

23-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

Loop diuretics mark poor prognosis even without HF diagnosis

Researchers report that being prescribed a loop diuretic is a marker of poor prognosis among people taking a SGLT2 inhibitor for type 2 diabetes, even if they do not have diagnosed heart failure.

22-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

Time in range predicts microvascular complication risk in type 1 diabetes

Among people with type 1 diabetes using continuous glucose monitoring, shorter time in range is associated with an increased risk for microvascular complications, suggests an analysis of data from the RESCUE trial.

22-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

Dementia–type 2 diabetes link driven mostly by vascular risk

The increased risk for dementia associated with type 2 diabetes is strongest for vascular dementia, researchers have reported at the virtual 56th EASD Annual Meeting.

22-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

Screening could give 2 years’ extra type 2 diabetes treatment time

Screening of people aged 40 to 70 years using glycated hemoglobin would detect type 2 diabetes approximately 2 years earlier than when it is identified due to symptoms or incidental diagnosis, suggests an analysis of the UK Biobank.

18-09-2020 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Sarilumab may improve glycemic control in people with RA, diabetes

Treatment with the IL-6 receptor inhibitor sarilumab is associated with a greater improvement in glycemic control than conventional DMARDs or adalimumab among patients with comorbid rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, indicate findings from a post-hoc analysis.

18-09-2020 | Diabetes | News | Article

Add-on dulaglutide may reduce liver fat in people with type 2 diabetes, NAFLD

Results from the D-LIFT trial suggest a reduction in liver fat content when dulaglutide, a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist, is added to standard care treatment in people with concurrent type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.