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23-05-2017 | Head and neck cancer | News | Article

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Recommendation against routine thyroid cancer screening retained

In a statement published in JAMA, the US Preventive Services Task Force upholds its 1996 recommendation against screening for thyroid cancer among asymptomatic adults.


JAMA 2017; 317: 1840–1841, 1882–1887, 1888–1903, JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2017; Advance online publication, JAMA Surg 2017; Advance online publication

Cognitive behavioural therapy can improve glycaemic control in diabetic adolescents

Favourable short-term safety profile for cross-sex hormones in transgender adolescents

Study rules out effect of foetal vitamin D exposure on childhood bone health

Type 2 diabetes in children carries high long-term complication risk

Three risk factors for CAH hospitalisation identified

Endocrine Society publishes paediatric obesity management guidelines

Weight loss and vascular benefits sustained after bariatric surgery in adolescence

Conservative surgery pays dividends for paediatric craniopharyngioma sequelae

KIGS data confirm male predominance in treated GH disorders

‘Surgical dogma’ challenged for paediatric well-differentiated thyroid carcinoma

Skeletal complications common in aggrecan gene-related short stature

Turner syndrome influences Hashimoto thyroiditis prognosis

25-11-2016 | HBV | News | Article

Screening for metabolic syndrome warranted in chronic hepatitis B

Metabolic syndrome increases the risk for cardiovascular events in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection, study findings indicate.


Hepatology 2016; 64: 1507–1517

Aromatase inhibitors enhance growth in GH-treated adolescent boys

SHOX deletions most deleterious in females

05-10-2016 | Oncology | News | Article

News in brief

Thyroid function linked to cancer risk

Elevated levels of free thyroxine are associated with an increased risk of developing cancer.

Letrozole effective for girls with McCune-Albright syndrome and precocious puberty

Broader approach needed for genetic prediction of growth response to rhGH

Early gonadotrophin replacement may optimise outcomes for HH adolescents

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