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03-03-2015 | Parkinson's disease | Article

Markers refine Parkinson’s risk in REM sleep behaviour disorder patients

Predictive markers can identify patients with REM sleep behaviour disorder who have a very high short-term risk of developing parkinsonism or dementia, research suggests.


Neurology 2015; Advance online publication

30-03-2014 | Sleep medicine | Article

Simple tool may aid insomnia diagnoses

UK researchers have developed a “brief but versatile” tool, based on standard diagnostic criteria, to screen patients for insomnia disorder.


BMJ Open 2014; 4: e004183

23-03-2014 | Mental health | Article

Nightmares heighten insomnia impact on depression

Nightmares and insomnia contribute independently and additively to depression severity, cross-sectional study findings show.


Sleep Med 2014; Advance online publication

16-03-2014 | Sleep medicine | Article

Frontal lobe atrophy identified in poor sleepers

US researchers have used neuroimaging to show that war veterans with poor sleep quality have reduced frontal lobe volumes.


Sleep 2014; 37: 445–452

09-03-2014 | Mental health | Article

Suicide risk greater with disturbed sleep than mental health disorders

Sleep disturbances are an important risk factor for suicide, say researchers, who found that disturbed sleep contributed more to the risk than mental health disorders in a Japanese population.


Sleep Med 2014; Advance online publication

02-03-2014 | Mental health | Article

Insomnia behaviours independently influence sleep in mood disorders

Behaviours associated with controlling sleep and managing the negative effects of insomnia are independently associated with disturbed sleep in patients with anxiety or depressive disorders, US research shows.


J Psychosom Res 2014; 76: 233–236

23-02-2014 | Sleep medicine | Article

Restless sleep predicts widespread pain in older adults

Non-restorative sleep appears to be a key factor associated with the likelihood of older adults developing widespread pain, study findings reveal.


Arthritis Rheum 2014; Advance online publication

16-02-2014 | Mental health | Article

Sleep duration impacts on genetic risk of depressive symptoms

Both long and short sleep durations are associated with an increased heritability of depression, study findings show.


Sleep 2014; 37: 341–348

09-02-2014 | Sleep medicine | Article

Sleep disturbances highly prevalent among middle-aged women

One in four middle-aged women are dissatisfied with their quality of sleep and 60% wake in the night at least once a week, a Finnish study has found.


Maturitas 2013; Advance online publication

02-02-2014 | Neurology | Article

Sleep recovery good following mild traumatic brain injury

Recovery from sleep disturbance following mild traumatic brain injury occurs more rapidly than depression and anxiety recovery, study findings indicate.


BMJ Open 2014; 4: e004205

26-01-2014 | Mental health | Article

Acute to chronic insomnia transition warns of depression risk

In patients with acute insomnia, long periods of light sleep may be the key driver to chronic insomnia and depression, research suggests.


Sleep 2014; 37: 97–106

19-01-2014 | Sleep medicine | Article

Technology increases cognitive behavioral therapy options for insomnia

Web- and telehealth-based delivery of cognitive behavioral therapy is effective for treating chronic insomnia, giving rural-dwelling adults more choice and better access to services, researchers report.


Sleep Med 2013; Advance online publication

12-01-2014 | Sleep medicine | Article

Persistent insomnia symptom risk high

Insomnia symptoms are often persistent, report researchers who found that targeting sleep-interfering behaviors may be one method of prevention.


Sleep Med 2013; Advance online publication

05-01-2014 | Mental health | Article

Sleep duration predicts chronic depression and anxiety

Short and long sleep duration, but not insomnia, predict a chronic course of depressive and anxiety disorders independent of symptom severity, research indicates.


J Clin Psychiatry 2013; Advance online publication

22-12-2013 | Sleep medicine | Article

Japanese FIRST tool assesses vulnerability to insomnia

The Japanese version of the Ford Insomnia Response to Stress Test has been validated and confirmed as a reliable tool for assessing vulnerability to insomnia in healthy individuals.


Sleep Med 2013; Advance online publication

19-12-2013 | Neurology | Article

Autoimmune clue to narcolepsy

Researchers have identified immune cells in patients with narcolepsy that react against hypocretin, the lack of which causes the disorder.


Sci Transl Med 2013; 5: 216ra176

15-12-2013 | Sleep medicine | Article

Insomnia impact on sleepiness and vigilance performance differs by age

Insomnia may affect people in different ways as they age, results of a prospective, 10-year study suggest.


J Psychosom Res 2013; 75: 532–538

08-12-2013 | Gastroenterology | Article

Insomnia linked to increased GERD risk

Insomnia is associated with an increased risk for gastroesophageal reflux disease, findings from a cross-sectional study show.


J Psychosom Res 2013; 75: 551–555

01-12-2013 | Cardiology | Article

Insomnia symptoms linked to increased mortality

Certain aspects of insomnia are associated with an increased risk for mortality, shows an analysis of a large cohort of US men.


Circulation 2013; Advance online publication

24-11-2013 | Sleep medicine | Article

Nonmotor symptoms may underlie Parkinson’s sleep complaints

In people with Parkinson’s disease, symptoms and comorbidities associated with insomnia differ from those associated with daytime sleepiness, US researchers report.


J Clin Sleep Med 2013; 9: 1131–1137

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