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30 October 2014    Endocrinology and metabolism
The occurrence of 91 confirmed or probable hypocalcaemic seizures in children with vitamin D deficiency over a 2-year period in the UK highlights a failure to promote appropriate supplementation.
30 October 2014    Endocrinology and metabolism
Results of a randomised trial suggest that low-dose insulin may be at least as good as standard-dose insulin for the treatment of children with diabetic ketoacidosis.
30 October 2014    Endocrinology and metabolism
Researchers report that recombinant human growth hormone can improve growth in children with hypochondroplasia.
30 October 2014    Endocrinology and metabolism
Ectopic tumours secreting corticotropin-releasing hormone and adrenocorticotropic hormone are very rare in children and can result in a misdiagnosis of Cushing’s disease, say researchers.
30 October 2014    Endocrinology and metabolism
Genetic variants that increase susceptibility to obesity are associated with increased gains in lean mass, as well as fat mass, during early childhood, meta-analysis findings indicate.
29 October 2014    Psychiatry
Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy and specialist supportive care appear to be equally effective in reducing the symptoms of bipolar disorder in adolescents and young adults with the condition, study findings indicate.
29 October 2014    Psychiatry
Being born to an older father increases the risk of developing a schizophrenia spectrum disorder in adulthood but has no effect on premorbid IQ, say researchers from Denmark.
27 October 2014    General oncology
Tumour necrosis factor - α appears to play a key role in the promotion of invasion and metastasis in clear cell renal cell carcinomas, Japanese study findings indicate.
27 October 2014    General oncology
A lack of a clinical response to an allogenic gene-modified renal cell cancer vaccine may be due to insufficient type 1 T-helper cell polarisation, show results of a gene expression profiling study.
27 October 2014    General oncology
Survival outcomes and overall complication rates of partial nephrectomy for clinical T2 renal masses are comparable to those of radical nephrectomy when the pathological staging, histology and grading of the tumours are similar, researchers report.

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