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01 August 2014    Cardiology
A diet high in salt increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with Type 2 diabetes, show data from the Japan Diabetes Complications Study.
01 August 2014    General oncology
People with diabetes mellitus have a significantly increased risk of developing head and neck cancer compared with those without the condition, show results of a large study conducted in Taiwan.
31 July 2014    Psychiatry
The neurocognitive function of patients with major depression who fall into the “soft” bipolar spectrum resembles that of patients with bipolar II disorder rather than those with unipolar depression, say researchers.
31 July 2014    Psychiatry
First-generation immigrants, men and younger patients are at risk of treatment delays for first-episode psychosis, study findings indicate.
31 July 2014    Endocrinology and metabolism
Patients with a mutation in the thyroid hormone receptor α gene that affects both the thyroid hormone receptor α1 and α2 protein variants have similar characteristics to patients with mutations affecting only the α1 variant, report researchers.
31 July 2014    Diabetes
Children with Type 1 diabetes can successfully participate in religious fasts, a study suggests.
31 July 2014    Endocrinology and metabolism
A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies, published in Nature, reveals a large number of genetic variants that may contribute to the age at which girls experience menarche.
31 July 2014    Endocrinology and metabolism
High doses of fludrocortisone in the absence of salt supplements can provoke hypertension in infants with congenital adrenal hyperplasia, research shows.
Vasculopathy is already present in girls with Turner syndrome as young as 9 years old, researchers report.
30 July 2014    Psychiatry
Patients hospitalised with bipolar disorder are at the greatest risk of suicide immediately after discharge, and the rate at which the risk declines depends on the illness phase, Finnish researchers report.

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