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01 September 2015    Diabetes
Early genetic testing of babies with suspected neonatal diabetes identifies the underlying cause in more than 80% of cases, say researchers.
01 September 2015    Endocrinology and metabolism
Neuroendocrine sequelae are common following paediatric low-grade gliomas affecting the optic pathway, hypothalamus and suprasellar areas and are influenced by tumour location and treatment choice, a study shows.
01 September 2015    Endocrinology and metabolism
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue given alongside growth hormone during puberty in order to increase adult height does not have long-term metabolic health consequences in children born small for gestational age, research shows.
27 August 2015    General neurology
A meta-analysis has identified the key modifiable factors associated with an increased or decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
27 August 2015    General oncology
Patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma receive significant progression-free and overall survival benefits from continuous treatment compared with fixed-duration therapy, suggests a pooled analysis.
27 August 2015    General neurology
A Mendelian randomisation study supports the theory that low 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels could increase people’s multiple sclerosis risk.
26 August 2015    General neurology
A study shows that about a quarter of people with clinically diagnosed mild or moderate Alzheimer’s disease have only minimal β-amyloid deposition on autopsy.
25 August 2015    General oncology
Obesity increases the risk of colorectal cancer in patients with Lynch syndrome, research indicates, but daily aspirin use may combat this excess risk.
21 August 2015    General neurology
Patients with trigeminal neuralgia have an increased risk of later developing certain psychiatric disorders, a population-based study suggests.
21 August 2015    Stroke
Working long hours may increase people’s risk of having a stroke, shows a meta-analysis published in The Lancet.

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