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22 July 2014    General oncology
Researchers have identified a population of clear cell renal cell carcinoma cells positive for the CTR2 marker that possess some stem-cell-like features and are able to induce an angiogenic response in vivo. Targeting CTR2 was shown to decrease drug resistance to cisplatin.
21 July 2014    General respiratory
The site of eosinophilic inflammation, whether local, systemic or both, has a significant effect on lung function, bronchial hyperresponsiveness and asthma control, study findings show.
21 July 2014    General respiratory
Researchers have identified a potential biomarker for airway obstruction in patients with asthma that not only reflects airflow limitation but also asthma control.
21 July 2014    General respiratory
Exercise-induced wheezing is associated with the severity of asthma, according to the findings of a large, cross-sectional survey conducted in Japanese children.
21 July 2014    Cardiology
Increased variability in blood pressure may be an indicator of overall cardiovascular risk rather than being a risk factor per se, suggest researchers.
21 July 2014    Rheumatology
A collaborative care approach delivered by telephone is effective for managing chronic musculoskeletal pain, show findings from the Stepped Care to Optimize Pain Care Effectiveness study.
21 July 2014    Pain medicine
Researchers recommend the use of generic health-related quality of life measures to determine pain-related burden of disease, but consideration needs to be given to which one is used.
21 July 2014    Infectious Diseases
Daycare attendance in the first year of life is a risk factor for earlier respiratory infections and is associated with greater use of healthcare services in childhood, study findings show.
21 July 2014    General oncology
Sixteen-core prostate biopsy has a slightly higher cancer detection rate than 12-core biopsy, but with a similar safety profile and no increased detection of clinically insignificant tumours, study findings show.
21 July 2014    Gynecology
Treatment with an α1-adrenoceptor antagonist drug is associated with significant improvements in nocturia, sleep quality and lower urinary tract symptoms in women with voiding symptoms, study findings show.

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