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24 April 2014    Psychiatry
The cognitive deficits experienced by patients with bipolar disorder are relatively stable across the disease course, show findings from a meta-analysis involving 14 studies.
24 April 2014    Psychiatry
Study results indicate that the association between area deprivation and first-onset schizophrenia could be accounted for by high crime and low education levels.
23 April 2014    Psychiatry
Chronically institutionalised patients with schizophrenia show cognitive improvement when they move to community-based living, Japanese research shows.
23 April 2014    Psychiatry
Older patients with bipolar disorder are more likely to present with a depressive predominant polarity with melancholic depressive features than their younger counterparts, researchers report.
23 April 2014    General oncology
French phase II study results indicate that selecting patients with non-small-cell lung cancer for post-surgery chemotherapy according to the presence of certain biomarkers is a feasible approach.
23 April 2014    General oncology
Malignant pleural mesothelioma can be stratified according to three distinct molecular subtypes, a finding that could be of potential therapeutic importance, report US researchers.
23 April 2014    General oncology
Use of adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer has increased over time and is associated with a significant survival benefit, report researchers.
23 April 2014    General oncology
Patients with clinical stage IA lung adenocarcinoma who meet specific criteria for node-negative disease achieve similar rates of 5-year recurrence-free survival and overall survival after undergoing sublobar resection as they do after a lobectomy, indicate Japanese research results.
23 April 2014    General oncology
Patients with thymoma and pleural dissemination are good candidates for surgical resection, particularly if their disease has not metastasised or spread to the lymph nodes, indicate Japanese study results.
22 April 2014    General oncology
Overall survival of patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma is extended the more lines of targeted therapy they receive, shows an evaluation of a large retrospective multicentre database.

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