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24 September 2014    General oncology
Patients with advanced lung adenocarcinoma who produce the XAGE1 antibody appear to survive twice as long as those who do not produce it, Japanese study data show.
24 September 2014    General oncology
Acid suppression therapy may negatively impact outcome among patients receiving erlotinib for advanced non-small-cell lung cancer, Canadian study findings show.
24 September 2014    General oncology
A review of patients with advanced pulmonary carcinoid tumours shows that they can be responsive to chemotherapy.
24 September 2014    Psychiatry
Electroconvulsive therapy is more effective than pharmacological treatment for the reduction of depressive symptoms in patients with treatment-resistant bipolar depression, Norwegian study data show.
24 September 2014    Psychiatry
The STRIDE lifestyle intervention helps individuals taking antipsychotics to lose weight and improve their fasting glucose levels, study findings indicate.
23 September 2014    General oncology
Alectinib has shown promising antitumour activity in patients with ALK-rearranged non-small-cell lung cancer that is resistant to crizotinib, researchers report.
23 September 2014    General oncology
Partial nephrectomy and percutaneous ablation for small and localised renal masses produce similar rates of local tumour recurrence, report US researchers.
23 September 2014    General oncology
The Advanced Breast Cancer Second International Consensus Conference guidelines have been released by the European School of Oncology and the European Society of Medical Oncology.
22 September 2014    Hypertension
Components of the metabolic syndrome, as well as a family history of hypertension, identify people at risk of developing severe hypertension, say researchers.
22 September 2014    General oncology
Patients with clear-cell renal cell carcinoma with relatively mature blood vessels respond better to sunitinib and have fewer metastatic sites than those with immature vessels, a study has found.

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