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03 March 2015    Diabetes
Levels of insulin autoantibodies and insulinoma-associated protein 2 autoantibodies predict the onset of diabetes in young children with islet autoimmunity, show findings from the TEDDY study.
03 March 2015    Endocrinology and metabolism
Researchers have found that girls with central precocious puberty have similar metabolic and general health to other women when they reach young to middle adulthood.
03 March 2015    Endocrinology and metabolism
A puberty nomogram is better than the classical criteria for identifying boys with constitutional delay in growth and puberty, report researchers.
03 March 2015    Endocrinology and metabolism
Nearly two-thirds of children with non-classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia have an inadequate cortisol response, report researchers.
03 March 2015    Endocrinology and metabolism
Spontaneous catch-up growth after birth in short children who were born small for gestational age is a negative predictor of their long-term response to growth hormone treatment, say researchers.
26 February 2015    Psychiatry
Patients with chronic depression can be differentiated from those with episodic depression according to their levels of cognitive–behavioural and emotional avoidance, study findings suggest.
26 February 2015    Psychiatry
Study findings support the use of the Overall Anxiety Severity And Impairment Scale as a brief measure of anxiety in the outpatient clinical setting.
26 February 2015    Psychiatry
Depressive, anxiety and behavioural disorders may be important preceding clinical features in the onset of bipolar disorder, with the potential for targeted preventive care of at-risk individuals, study findings suggest.
26 February 2015    Psychiatry
Patients with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder have a significantly increased mortality rate, especially if they are diagnosed in adulthood, a study published in The Lancet shows.
26 February 2015    General neurology
Patients with Parkinson’s disease may gain a greater benefit from a placebo treatment if they believe it to be expensive, research suggests.

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