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31 July 2015
Phase I trial results published in The Lancet Haematology show that the hedgehog signalling pathway antagonist PF-04449913 is tolerable and has activity in patients with haematological cancers.
21 July 2015
Chronic myeloid leukaemia patients with rare BCR-ABL fusions may be missed by quantitative polymerase chain reaction, research suggests.
21 July 2015
Resistance to the tyrosine kinase inhibitor bosutinib may be mediated by overexpression of the efflux transporter ABCB1, scientists suggest.
21 July 2015
Trial results for patients with steroid-refractory chronic graft versus host have overestimated the efficacies of treatments, suggests a meta-analysis published in The Lancet Haematology.
20 July 2015
An aerobic exercise regimen of 300 min/week versus 150 min/week significantly improves adiposity outcomes among postmenopausal women, shows research published in JAMA Oncology.
16 July 2015
A preliminary study lends support to the hypothesis that a false-positive noninvasive prenatal test finding could be due to the presence of an occult maternal cancer.
15 July 2015
Stratifying patients by histological response to preoperative chemotherapy may allow some children with Wilms’ tumour to avoid doxorubicin and its associated cardiotoxicity, suggest study findings published in The Lancet.
08 July 2015
Compared with erlotinib, treatment with afatinib leads to outcomes in previously treated patients with advanced squamous non-small-cell lung cancer, suggest the results of a head-to-head trial.
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